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About me

HEIGHT:    5'9

CHEST:   32D/34C

WAIST:   25"

HIPS:   37"

Let me introduce myself:  

My name is Dur-E-Sadaf Awan. (A name of Persian Arabic origin meaning: Pearl of the Deep Ocean of the Oyster!) 

When no one could pronounce my name growing up, I  staged/nicknamed myself: Jasmine Gawdis (Goddess).

Why Jasmine? Because the scent of a real Jasmine flower is so beautiful and Everlasting as is the Presence of a Goddess!  


Since I was a young girl I always wanted to be a Supermodel/Actress.  At a very young age I was trained by my mother (a high school Teacher who definitely did a great job teaching me) to become a multi-talented, multi-award winning public speaker, choir singer and humanitarian who helped guide and serve the poor instead.  Having learnt STAGE PRESENCE at the young age of 7, I had been broadcasted on television internationally and renowned all over the world by age 9 as a promoter of peace, inclusivity, as well as a guider to spirituality in my community and schools.  

Fast forward to when reality hit at age 15, I turned my focus onto getting a higher education first. I was accepted into the Ivey League International Baccalaureate program because pursuing a Modeling/Acting career was not looked 'greatly' upon by my highly educated family.  Despite my success, my Family was not supportive nor on my side so I left and became independent at a very young age. I then joined the top 3 Universities in North America focusing attention on my brain rather than my body instead.  I studied Accounting, followed by Architectural/Interior Design and currently studying to be a Private Pilot at the Toronto Islands. I am also a certified Solo Skydiver and seeking my professional license.  You can say I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  


After all that studying my life needed BALANCE!   Through Interior Design, I learned of the Textile Industry and the different ways to STYLE.  This went hand in hand with the Fashion Industry.  My childhood love for FASHION was revived and that's how I got introduced to Modeling and Runway. This allowed me to balance my intense University life with my Feminine/Glamorous side and I took upon it as a freelance hobby.

My self-taught 'Catwalk' was critiqued as "Amazing & Flawless" on my first approach in an opening walk by: 'America's Next Top Model' Runway Coach Stacey Mackenzie. To my surprise, I was approached by numerous Hollywood movie directors and famous High Fashion designers to shoot and walk for their shows.  This CONFIDENCE then allowed me to Open and Close for some of the TOP designers in the city of Toronto and be invited to many other High Fashion Runway shows around the world!  

I even got to witness the infamous designer ROBERTO  CAVALLI's show and am invited yearly to Miami Fashion & Swim Weeks!  Here I was acquainted with famous actor Antonio Banderas and his fashion team as well.


Soon after sharing my story, I was accepted into Miss Universe Canada two times and was crowned Miss Globe Canada in 2016 by the owner himself.  Life led me many ways but my passion eventually led me to my childhood Dream! 


 Now it was time to give back!!

Considering the new and turning age of Fashion through INCLUSIVITY, I observed there were enough Pretty Faced Models being sought out but not enough


 (being admired or mentored).  Therefore, I decided to fuse the two concepts and began a business idea to help teach ANYONE who aspires not only to Walk like a Runway Model but rather shine light on how they can become a 'walking' ROLE-Model in their everyday lives instead. I have taught over 30+ individuals successfully so far and even led one to achieve 3rd place in her Pageant!


My goal is to help those who wish to challenge themselves to channel into their inner God/Goddess by teaching them the CatWalk through Posture, Presence, and Confidence techniques alongside the option of simple daily Styling Tips which will change their life and 'Change the Future' of this World.  Can you imagine a world full of walking Role-Models without the need to be a Model? All this, so EVERY-ONE can feel like how it is to :



~Creating ROLE-Models One STEP At a Time!!~

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